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Missed Interview - New Application
(01/01/18 – 12/31/18)
The Urgent Bulletin emailed 10/09/2020 informed staff that an extension of the waiver to allow for a verbal attestation in lieu of a signature on the application form is approved until further notice.
Effective 09/04/2020, see Urgent Bulletin emailed 09/03/2020 regarding FSAD being modified to give a six-month certification period at renewal to all cases that received an extension of their original certification period.
Participants who miss an interview are responsible for contacting the FAA office to complete their interview.
AZTECS generates the NA-Did Not Complete Interview Process (X017 notice) for NA and the CA-Initial Missed Intv/App Process (X076 notice) for CA on the night of the missed interview deadline or home‑based interview when both of the following occur:
The RESCHEDULED field is blank.
The COMPLETED field displays an N.
AZTECS generates and sends the notice by the auto denial date when the participant does not complete an interview by the date on the X017 notice for or the X076 notice.