FAA1.A Background and Introduction : 08 Interpreter or Translator Needed - Overview
Interpreter or Translator Needed - Overview
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
FAA must provide enough bilingual staff, interpreters, or translators to allow the timely processing of benefits and access to the programs administered by FAA.
The participant may indicate their preferred language by one of the following:
On their application
Presenting the Language Notification Flyer (FAA-1208A) form
When the participant is known to AZTECS, the language spoken or read is displayed on INDA. When the language that is spoken or read is not displayed on INDA, key the language based on information provided on the application.
When the language spoken by the participant is not listed on the Language Notification Flyer or LEP Binder and interpretation services are needed, attempt to determine the language spoken by the participant and complete one of the following:
Determine whether there is an FAA office staff member who can assist with the interpretation. When there is a staff member who can speak the language, request their assistance with the interpretation.
NOTE Do not delay assisting the participant while searching for an interpreter.
When the FAA office is unable to provide an interpreter or the staff member who speaks the language is not immediately available, contact the Foreign Language Interpreters.
An adult family member or friend can be used to interpret during the interview. This can only occur when FAA has offered the LEP services and the participant insists on using the adult family member or friend to interpret.
Staff must not require a participant to do any of the following when an interpreter is not available:
Require the participant to provide their own interpreter
Rely on a minor child to interpret, except in emergencies
Rely on other than qualified bilingual staff
When the need to communicate with someone who is hearing impaired, see Communication with Hearing-Impaired Customers.
For translation procedures of hard copy verification and notices, see one of the following: