FAA1.A Background and Introduction : 17 Inmate Pre-Release NA Applications
Inmate Pre-Release NA Applications
(01/01/18 –12/31/18)
FAA accepts NA applications from incarcerated applicants. This policy applies only to inmates who participate in the Division of Employment and Rehabilitation Services (DERS) Re-entry Program (REP) at the following correctional facilities:
Perryville State Prison
Lewis State Prison
Tucson State Prison
An inmate in one of these correctional facilities may apply for NA benefits before being released. FAA considers the date of release from the correctional facility as the effective date for the NA benefits, once verified, when the inmate is released on a workday(g).
When the inmate is released on a day that is not a workday, the effective date of NA benefits is the next workday after the date of release of the inmate.
When an application is received by an applicant who participates in the DERS REP, AZTECS sends the NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT NEEDED (X904) notice advising the applicant of the following:
The need to contact FAA for an interview
The required timeframe to complete the interview
The application remains pending until one of the following occurs:
The applicant is released from the correctional facility and completes an interview
The application is denied because the applicant has not contacted the agency to complete the interview within 30 days of the application date
When the applicant completes an interview after the 30th day, but prior to the 60th day, FAA reverts the case to open and prorates the benefits to the date of the interview.
When an applicant is an inmate not participating in the DERS REP, follow the procedures outlined in Effective Date - Overview.