Household System Check - Overview
(01/01/17 - 12/31/17)
Household System Check (HOSC) is accessed by keying both of the following on INME:
19 in the FUNCTION (BY NUMBER) field
The case number in the CASE NUMBER field
When information is available, HOSC displays the following for each participant registered to a case:
Edit messages prompting workers to check the following systems or screens, when information is available that may affect eligibility:
Identifying information for each employer during the last six quarters, from the date HOSC is accessed. (See HOSC – Employment Information)
Unemployment claim information. (See HOSC – Unemployment Information)
When employment information is displayed on HOSC, the information must be verified. (See HOSC – Employment Verification Requirements)
Review HOSC and upload(g) the HOSC AZTECS screen into OnBase(g) prior to the interview or when any of the following apply:
A change in budgetary unit composition is reported. (Only when adding a participant – See Adding a Participant.)
A participant reports any of the following:
They have applied for Unemployment Insurance (UI)
They have started receiving UI benefits
A change has occurred regarding their UI benefits
Refer participants to file for UI benefits when both of the following apply:
Income displays in any of the four calendar quarters prior to the date HOSC is accessed.
The participant reports terminated employment or is not employed.
NA participants are not required to apply for UI benefits.