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Home-Based Interviews - Overview
(01/01/17 - 12/31/17)
Complete a home-based interview only when the household meets the established hardship criteria and the PI requests one. Reasons for a home‑based interview include, but are not limited to, the following:
The Kinship Care, Kinship Foster Care, or Legal Permanent Guardian participant chooses this interview option.
The participant is disabled and homebound.
The participant lacks transportation.
The participant has a valid reason for not being able to appear for an office interview.
No possibility of completing a NA Mid Approval Contact online or by telephone.
NOTE Obtain supervisor approval for a home-based interview.
Arrange home-based interviews in advance. Send the Appointment Notice (C900), and include a time frame of arrival (e.g., between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m.). The following apply to home-based interviews:
Confirm the home‑based interview by phone, when possible.
Do not arrange home-based interviews outside normal working hours of the FAA office, except at the request of the PI. A supervisor must approve any after-hours home-based interviews.
Rearrange the home-based interview when the PI contacts the office before the interview.
Conduct a home‑based interview when there is reason to believe that an eligibility error can be avoided by conducting the interview in the participant's home. There is no requirement to arrange the interview seven days in advance. Conduct home‑based interviews when any of the following apply:
Information received from the PI or collateral sources is inconsistent with information in the case file(g) and cannot be resolved satisfactorily.
A more careful examination of the case is needed, based on prior experience.
When a home‑based interview is conducted for a CA new or renewal interview, the PI must be present for the interview.
When the CA home‑based interview is conducted to complete a case audit and information is obtained from a responsible person, there is no requirement for the PI to be present. Do not take adverse action in these situations.
When conducting the home‑based interview, see Home‑Based Interview Procedures.