Home-Based Interview Procedures
When visiting a participant's home perform the following:
Exercise caution and common sense.
Do not become involved in any situation that is potentially dangerous.
Advise your supervisor of your destination and estimated time of return.
Take proper identification (DES/DBME ID card) to the interview.
Confine the interview to matters of eligibility.
Be professional and courteous at all times.
When conducting a home-based interview, the following apply:
Do not enter parts of the participant's home other than the kitchen or living room area.
Do not be aggressive.
Do not question children. (The parent may retaliate against the child for providing previously undisclosed information.)
When the participant being interviewed appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, terminate the visit. Rearrange the home-based interview or have the participant come to the office for an interview.
All participant and FAA responsibilities for completing the interview and application process remain the same.
The application must be registered and the determination completed within specific application time frames.
Key all applicable information in AZTECS and complete the application determination once the home-based interview has been conducted.