Handling DBME Employee Cases - Submitting Verification
(01/01/18 - 01/31/18)
DBME employees may submit their verification in one of the following ways:
Via fax directly to the Employee Benefit Unit (EBU)
NOTE An employee may use a State fax machine during a break, on lunch period or before/after work hours. A member of office management must be informed prior to using the fax machine.
Via email directly to the EBU.
By taking their verification to their Office Manager (LOM) or direct Supervisor.
NOTE The LOM or direct supervisor must upload information on the same day of receipt. The verification is not to be put in a general location. An employee may not upload their own verification or ask someone other than the LOM or a direct supervisor to upload their verification.
By uploading verification to their HEAplus account using the customer portal in the same manner as all other participants.