Handling Accommodation Requests – Visual Impairments
(01/01/22 - 12/31/22)
When a participant requests an accommodation, due to a visual impairment, the FAA Special Assistance Worker (SAW) unit provides communications to the participant in an alternative format.
A participant may request a visual impairment accommodation during an interview, or on their application. FAA staff must ensure that the participant is advised of the options listed in HEAplus and what will happen when the accommodation is requested.
When a participant selects the alternative format option of readable PDF, ensure the email address of the participant is keyed on the Main Contact Information page in HEAplus.
When a visual impairment accommodation is requested, complete the following:
When keying information in HEAplus, review the request for special accommodation and document the case file(g).
Explain the available letter options listed in HEAplus and ask the participant to provide their preferred alternative format (Large print (24 font), readable PDF, or Other).
Select the preferred alternative format on the Main Contact Information page in the HEAplus application.
NOTE Select Other on the Main Contact Information page of the HEAplus application when the participant requests another type of visual impairment accommodation (36 font, Verbal, Braille, or Audio CD). Document the participants’ needs in the case file when the type of accommodation request is not listed.
Key the AN code in the ALERT TYPE field on the PRAP screen in AZTECS next to the PI’s name.
When a participant has a prior request for a special accommodation, FAA staff must ask the participant whether they would like to continue their accommodation. When the current HEAplus application states No to an alternative format, the special accommodation formats are no longer sent.
See Special Assistance Worker (SAW) Unit for contact information.