HOSC – Employment Information
(01/01/08 – 03/31/08)
The following information displays on HOSC in the EMPLOYER INFO / BASE WAGE fields:
Unemployment Insurance (UI) Employer Number. When zeros display in place of a UI Employer Number or there is inaccurate information, elevate to the Policy Support Team (PST) via email.
City, state, and ZIP Code
Telephone number
NOTE Review the employer identifying information with the participant when verifying income.
A line break separates each employer's information.
When no wage information is available for the participant for the last six quarters, the following edit message displays in the EMPLOYER INFO / BASE WAGE field:
Base wage information from each employer during the last six quarters, from the date HOSC is accessed. Information displays in the QUARTER and EARNINGS fields for each employer identified in the EMPLOYER INFO / BASE wage field as follows:
Wage information displays in the EARNINGS field when wages are reported in any of the last six quarters.
Up to six quarters of information displays, beginning with the most current of the last six quarters.
Quarters in which no wages are reported display $ .00 in the EARNINGS field.
When the remainder of the six quarters following a quarter with wage information are quarters in which no wages are reported, the quarters do not display. (See Example HOSC)