FAA1.D Application Requirements : 07 Effective Date - Overview
Effective Date - Overview
(01/01/19 – 12/31/19)
The effective date of an identifiable application turned in during FAA business hours(g) is the same date it is received.
The effective date of an application turned in outside of FAA business hours is the next workday(g). The FAA office must date stamp or document the case file(g) with the effective date on the application.
An application may be received from a source other than FAA. When this occurs, the effective date of the application is the date the application is received by FAA.
Any applicant may apply for benefits at any time. When an applicant is incarcerated at the time of application submission, the effective date of application cannot begin before their release date.
When an applicant is incarcerated at one of the following correctional facilities, see Inmate Pre-release NA Applications:
Perryville State Prison
Lewis State Prison
Tucson State Prison
When a participant decides to apply for additional programs during the interview, the interview date is used as the effective date for the additional programs.
A participant may request additional programs during a telephone interview. When this occurs, inform the participant that the effective date for the additional programs is the date of the interview.
Complete the following:
Have the applicant mark the additional program boxes on the front of the paper application. The applicant must also initial and write the interview date next to the program boxes marked.
When the request is made over the phone FAA staff adds the programs through the Report a Change process in Health-e-Arizona Plus
Use the interview date as the effective date of application for the additional programs when adding the programs to the case on APMA.