FAA1.G Display Table Values : 01 Display Table Values - Overview
Display Table Values - Overview
Display Table Values is a sub-system of AZTECS containing tables of lists that provide the following functions:
Defines codes used to key information in AZTECS.
NOTE Some tables have dates that identify the date the code became available for use, and the date the code can no longer be used.
Holds prior coding information for computing overpayments or underpayments
Current codes are indicated by a 999999 in the EFFECTIVE TO DATE field. The dates allow AZTECS to determine eligibility based on current or prior information.
To access Display Table Values, complete either of the following:
Key LISTCODE over EIS on the AZTECS LOGO screen
Select DISPLAY TABLE VALUES on System Select Menu
When ENTER is pressed, the System Parameters List Menu (SYSM) displays.
Press ENTER to view the next screen of tables.
Exit the table by completing one of the following:
Press ENTER until all screens have been viewed.
Key N at the bottom of the screen when it has the prompt: CONTINUE? Y OR N, and press ENTER