Delete Case (DECA) - Delete Case
(07/01/08 – 09/30/08)
When the case is deleted, all of the following information related to the case number is deleted:
Address information
Case information
Eligibility information
Alert information
Notice request and notice information
Information linking applicants originally registered to the case
Remove any income, resource or expense information from the case before using this function.
A highlighted message TYPE IN THE WORD ALL TO DELETE THE CASE will appear on the DECA screen when the case can be deleted. To delete the case, enter the word ALL and press Enter.
The records of the applicant originally registered to the case are not deleted. Information linking the applicant to the case is removed.
When documents are imaged in OnBase(g) for the deleted case, see Centralized Document Services (CDS) to move the documents to the correct case number.