Confidentiality - Participant Review of Case Information
(01/01/21 – 12/31/21)
A participant has the right to review their case file(g). The FAA Office Manager must be present during the entire review of the case file.
NOTE Participants can view and print a Proof of NA/CA Eligibility card by accessing their account on the MyFamilyBenefits (MFB) website.
Specific confidential information cannot be viewed by or provided to the participant or their representative. FAA must remove all confidential information from the case file prior to the participant’s or representative’s review.
NOTE This information should also be excluded when preparing an Appeals Packet.
The participant must request an appointment to review their case file. The request can be made by phone by calling the Customer Support Center at toll free (855) 432-7587, by fax to (602) 257-7031 toll free (844) 680-9840, verbally or in writing. When faxing confidential information use the Fax Cover Sheet (DES-1078A) form.
The Office Manager contacts the participant by phone no later than the second business day after the request to confirm a date and time that the participant may come into the office to review their case file. When the LOM is not able to make contact by phone, send an information request asking the client to contact the LOM no later than the third business day after the request. Document the appointment time, date, and location on CADO.
An appointment must be scheduled, and a review of the case file must be completed, within seven workdays(g) of the participant contacting the agency. The material and information contained in the case file must be made available for inspection during normal business hours.
When a participant has filed an Appeal request and is in the FAA office, allow the participant or their representative to review the case file on the day the request to review is received, whenever possible.
An appointment is not necessary when a participant requests a copy of a notice.
Exclude the following information from the Appeals Packet by removing, redacting from the case file prior to the participant’s, or representative’s review:
The names of confidential complaint sources who have provided information to FAA without the applicant’s or participant's knowledge.
Office of Special Investigations (OSI) information from Automated Fraud Tracking System (AFTS) for any pending investigation.
Federal Tax Information (FTI) Reports.
Any document that contains the birthdate or Social Security Number for persons who are not included in the current household.
Birthdates or Social Security Numbers for non-household members received from the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS), including CHPS screen prints.
HOSC screen prints from AZTECS.
The nature or status of pending criminal prosecutions.
Information that a physician considers psychologically harmful to any participant in the budgetary unit, such as medical information deemed inappropriate for release by the physician.
When the documents containing confidential information must be removed from OnBase(g), complete the following:
Print the confidential documents.
Send an email to Centralized Document Services (CDS) requesting that the documents be deleted from OnBase. Include ‘Participant Case Review’ in the subject line of the email.
Printed copies of the documents in the case file may be provided for either the participant or their representative during the review, upon request.
The person reviewing the case file may make an audio recording of the review. The audio recording may include answers to questions asked by the participant.
The identity of the person requesting information must be confirmed prior to allowing the case file to be reviewed.
Replace the confidential documents after the participant has viewed the case file. When the documents had been removed from OnBase, scan the previously printed documents into OnBase.