FAA1.D Application Requirements : 11 Case Record Control (CARC) - Overview
Case Record Control (CARC) - Overview
(01/01/22 – 12/31/22)
The CARC AZTECS screen is used to assign AZTECS cases to site codes. The CARC screen is accessed through the NEXT function.
Assigning the correct site code is important to ensure Mid Approval Contact (MAC) ACTS alerts are assigned to the correct workload.
After completing a benefit determination for a case in AZTECS, key on CARC the site code that serves the customer’s residential ZIP Code.
Do not change the site code when the site code is one of the following:
166C – Site Code 166C is used by the Employee Benefits Unit (EBU).
169C – Site Code 169C is used by the FAA Refugee Units.
171C – Site Code 171C is used to register an application in the DCS Fast Pass Application Process.
285C – Site Code 285C is used by the FAA Refugee Units.
759C – Site Code 759C is used for Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) cases.
845C – Site Code 845C is used with the AZSNAP project.
To change the site code using CARC complete the following:
Ensure there are no outstanding notice situations on NORE.
Determine the office’s three-digit site code that serves the participant’s residential ZIP Code. (See FAA Offices by Site Code)
NOTE Keying the ZIP Code in the CNAP Manual Search field displays FAA Sites serving the ZIP Code. When a ZIP Code is shared with another office, use the primary site code indicated with an asterisk. (See example Primary Site Code Search)
Key the office's three-digit site code in the SITE CODE field on CARC.
Press ENTER.
Return to CARC and key the following in the UNIT and CASELOAD fields on CARC based on the status of the case:
Open: UNIT 5 CASELOAD 55 (5-55)
Closed: 7-77
Pending: V-01
Expedite: X-01
Read/Correction: B-01
Transferred: 9-99
Pending an Interview: P-01
Press ENTER.