FAA1.D Application Requirements : 06 CA Payee - Overview : A CA Payee - Participant Payee
CA Payee - Participant Payee
The CA participant payee is the person who is requesting CA benefits for any of the following:
Dependent children
Participants related to the dependent children
The participant payee completes the application and is present during the interview. The CA benefit is in the participant payee's name unless a representative makes the application for the parent.
The CA participant payee should meet the following requirements:
Be properly related to the applicants
Be able to act responsibly
A budgetary unit may include a parent and their spouse(g), and the spouse is the dependent child's stepparent. When this occurs, either the parent or the stepparent may be the CA participant payee.
A dependent child may never be the payee.
The CA participant payee may be either eligible or ineligible for the benefit month. The eligibility status of the participant payee has no bearing on the right to file an application or be a payee.