FAA1.E Application Screening : 02 State Verification Exchange System (SVES) - Overview : D BG01 General Unemployment Insurance Developmental Effort (GUIDE)
BG01 General Unemployment Insurance Developmental Effort (GUIDE)
(07/01/09 – 09/30/09)
The Unemployment Insurance (UI) Administration allows FAA to make inquiries into the GENERAL UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE DEVELOPMENTAL EFFORT (GUIDE) system to review claims and benefit payment information.
GUIDE is used by the following FAA staff only:
Overpayment Writers
Appeals Specialists
GUIDE information is confidential and must be used only to determine a participant's eligibility.
To access and inquire in GUIDE, follow the instructions outlined in the Access Guide Desk Aid (55 KB pdf).
By agreement with UI, designated FAA staff are only to view the following transaction options:
Using the Social Security Number (SSN) the participant is working under, inquire on the participant as follows:
To display a different screen for the same SSN, key the transaction option number in the TRANSACTION OPTION field, and press ENTER.
To display the same screen for a different SSN, key the other SSN in the SSN field, and press ENTER.