Auto Close Process
(01/01/21 – 12/31/21)
AZTECS identifies CA cases to be closed when either of the following occur:
An application for renewal is not registered.
Y is not keyed on INDA in the COMPLETED field to indicate the interview was completed, even when an application for renewal is registered.
AZTECS sends the Missed Review Notice (X051) Notice of Adverse Action (NOAA) when the following occurs:
It is the tenth calendar day of the renewal month (or next workday(g) when the tenth is not a workday.)
The CA application is not turned in or the interview is not completed
The X051 informs the participant that CA benefits will be stopped for a missed renewal unless an application is turned in and an interview is completed.
AZTECS does not automatically close CA cases that are not in the current system month(g); these cases must be closed manually. (See Denial or Closure Reason Code)