Authorized Representatives - NA
(10/01/13 - 12/31/13)
The PI can appoint an authorized representative. This must be done in writing. The authorized representative may assist and act on behalf of the budgetary unit in all of the following:
Completing applications
Completing forms (work registration, when required)
Completing the interview
Reporting changes
An NA authorized representative cannot be any of the following:
A retailer involved in the acceptance of NA
A provider of prepared meals for the homeless, when they are representing a homeless recipient
A state agency employee involved in the issuance of NA, unless authorized in writing by the Region Program Manager (RPM)
An individual disqualified for an intentional program violation (IPV)
(See NA Disqualified Representative for specific restrictions)
Participants who live in a Group Living Arrangement (GLA) and decide to have an authorized representative, may choose either of the following based on their abilities:
The authorized representative of the GLA
Their own authorized representative
Participants who live in eligible drug or alcohol treatment centers must have an authorized representative. The authorized representative must be an employee of the center.
Policy and procedures regarding NA authorized representatives are outlined as follows: