FAA1.A Background and Introduction : 14 Arizona Simplified Nutrition Assistance Program (AZSNAP)
Arizona Simplified Nutrition Assistance Program (AZSNAP)
(01/01/23 –12/31/23)
The AZSNAP project is designed to strengthen access to NA benefits for the elderly, disabled. AZSNAP applicants must meet all the requirements below:
65 years old or older
Arizona resident
Does not live in an assisted living facility or group home
Receives the maximum Supplemental Security Income (SSI) amount
Does not receive NA
Lives alone or buys and prepares food separately from others
NOTE A spouse is a mandatory participant. When the applicant lives with their spouse(g) they are not eligible for the AZSNAP benefits, even when the spouse is also receiving SSI.
Does not receive Tribal Food Distribution. (See Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR) for additional information)
A monthly interface between FAA and the Social Security Administration (SSA) identifies applicants who meet the above criteria. AZTECS mails the AZSNAP Application for NA (X001) notice and registers the application using the X001 mail date. Instructions in the notice tell the customer to return the completed AZSNAP application to the AZSNAP unit.
When no response to the X001 is received, the application is denied on the 30th day and the Second AZSNAP Application for NA (X002) notice is sent to the applicant allowing an additional 30 days to respond. The application remains in denied status unless the applicant responds to the X001 or X002 notice during the second 30 days. When the applicant does respond to the X001 or X002 during the second 30 days (Days 31 to 60) the AZSNAP worker reverts the case to open and prorates the benefits to the first day of the month the X002 is mailed.
When the applicant returns either the X001 or X002 after the 60th day, treat the application as a new AZSNAP application. The date the applicant returns the X001 or X002 after the 60th day is the new application date, and the proration date is the first day of the month the notice is received.
NOTE When the applicant submits The Application For Benefits (FAA-0001A), they are applying for regular NA benefits. The FAA-0001A cannot be used for AZSNAP benefit processing.
Applicants are not eligible for AZSNAP benefits when they are disqualified for, but not limited to, any of the following reasons:
They are a fleeing felon
They have a disqualifying drug conviction
They have an intentional program violation
For a full list of disqualifications reasons and how to remove a drug disqualification, see Disqualified Participants.
AZSNAP applicants can designate an authorized representative in writing on any of the following:
The X001 notice
The X002 notice
The AZSNAP Renewal Application (X004) notice
The AZSNAP Application (FAA-1740A) form
The Authorized Representative Request (FAA-1493A) form
Correspondence to the Family Assistance Administration
AZSNAP applicants are not required to complete any of the following:
An Interview
Income verification
Expense verification
Report changes
NOTE A single lottery or gambling winning equal to or more than the Winnings Reporting Amount must be reported. (See Winnings Reporting for the amount).
AZSNAP applicants do not qualify for expedited benefits.
The AZSNAP process starts when an applicant responds to the X001, X002 (initial applications), or the X004 (renewal application) notice. Only the AZSNAP workers can determine the applicant’s eligibility and benefit amount.
When an applicant contacts FAA to apply for AZSNAP benefits complete the following:
Verify the case is assigned to site code 845C on CARC. Do not transfer cases out of 845C
Review NOHS in AZTECS to verify that the applicant was sent an X001, X002 or X004 application notice
NOTE For notices mailed on or after 11/15/2022, view notice content in OnBase.
Discuss with the applicant their choice to apply for AZSNAP or regular NA benefits. Document the casefile(g) with the applicant’s choice
Ask the applicant how much they are paying in monthly medical expenses
NOTE AZSNAP does not allow medical expenses as a deduction. When the applicant has more than $35 in medical expenses, let them know they may be eligible for more benefits under the regular NA program. See Elderly Simplified Application Project (ESAP) for application instructions when all budgetary unit participants are 60 years old or older.
When the AZSNAP application notice is submitted in person at an FAA Office, complete the following:
Review the application to ensure all questions are answered and the application is signed
Upload the application into OnBase, under Group: Applications /Document Type (X001, X002 or X004)
Send an email to the AZSNAP unit at [email protected] containing the following:
‘Uploaded AZSNAP Application’ in the Subject line
AZTECS case name, case number, and the date the application was uploaded in the body of the email
When an applicant responding to an AZSNAP application notice contacts FAA and has not completed the application form, use the AZSNAP Application (FAA-1740A) Form to complete the following:
Ask the applicant all the questions and record their responses.
Obtain the applicant’s signature. (See Signing the Application and Other Documents for acceptable signatures.)
Upload the completed FAA-1740A to OnBase.
Send an email to the AZSNAP unit at [email protected] containing the following:
‘Uploaded AZSNAP Application’ in the Subject line.
AZTECS case name, case number, and the date the application was uploaded in the body of the email.
When an applicant prefers to mail the AZSNAP application, provide them with the following address:
PO Box 19009
Phoenix, AZ 85005-9009
When the applicant is applying for regular NA benefits complete the
Contact the AZSNAP Unit at: (602) 774-5749.
The AZSNAP worker denies the AZSNAP application and transfers the case out of site code 845C.
Once the application is denied, register the application, using the application date of the X001 or X002 as the regular application date in HEAplus.
Complete the regular NA application process.
When the applicant is approved for AZSNAP the following apply:
An Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card is mailed to the customer.
The participant is given a 36-month approval period.
The AZSNAP Approval (F103) notice is sent. The notice states that the participant is not required to report changes but are encouraged to report changes of address and any change in shelter expenses.
The participant receives a specific benefit allotment amount based on their shelter costs and utility allowance. (See Example Calculating the benefit Allotment)
Benefit allotments come in four tiers. (See AZSNAP Allotment Amounts for allotment amounts)
When an alert is received for a change to an AZSNAP case, please document CADO and alert the AZSNAP unit by:
Telephone (602)774-5749
NOTE When emailing the AZSNAP unit please use the following:
In the subject line: ‘Change to an AZSNAP Case’
In the body: Case name, Case number, what type of change it was, the date of receipt for the change alert and that the case file is documented.
When the participant no longer meets the criteria for AZSNAP during the approval period, the AZSNAP worker terminates the benefits. The worker sends the F203 notice letting them know their AZSNAP case is closed. The notice also lets them know that there is potential eligibility for regular NA benefits and how they can apply.
Two months prior to the end of the 36-month approval period, the X004 notice is sent. The renewal application is not automatically registered. The AZSNAP unit registers the renewal application when the X004 is received and completes the renewal process.