FAA1.B Time Frames : 06 Application Denials - Overview
Application Denials - Overview
(01/01/23 – 12/31/23)
When statements made on the application indicate ineligibility and are confirmed by the PI at the interview, deny the application using the following applicable program determination screens in AZTECS:
Deny the application at the time of interview or at any time after, when there is sufficient information and documentation to establish ineligibility. This applies to all eligibility items, even those normally requiring verification.
For NA applications only, that are ineligible due to excessive income, attempt to verify the income without pending the application by completing all of the following:
Verify the participant’s income using any of the following verification sources:
Hard copy verification when readily available.
Any electronic source that provides information regarding income of the participant.
Collateral contact when hard copy verification or electronic source is not available.
Participant statement when no other verification source is available.
Budget the participant’s verified income following policy guidelines. (See Income Budgeting Basics for more information.)
Document the case file(g) supporting the income budgeted and the participant’s confirmation that the income is correct.
An NA application can be denied prior to the timely denial date when one or more of the following applies to the budgetary unit:
All participants are currently receiving benefits in another case or another state. Key OC on FSED
The income exceeds the income limit. Key EI on FSAD
All participants fail to meet the NA student eligibility requirements. Key FS on FSED
The resources exceed the limit. Key RE on FSED
All participants no longer reside in Arizona. Key RS on FSED
All participants are not eligible as a separate NA budgetary unit. Key SH on FSED
All participants fail to meet citizenship or noncitizenship requirements. Key US on FSED
Voluntary withdraws their NA application. Key VW on FSED
Death of all participants in the budgetary unit. Key DH on FSED
When any participant received lottery or gambling winnings equal to or more than the Winnings Reporting Amount in a single game. Key WN on FSED
For NA, AZTECS displays the edit message*ERROR* EARLY DENIAL REVIEW INFO DUE DATE/APP DATE when one of the following applies:
The date the action is taken is prior to the due date indicated in the most current information Needed (F011) or Expedited NA – Postponed Verification (F121) notice.
The date the action is taken is less than 10 calendar days from the interview date indicated on INDA, when a F011 or F121 notice is not sent.
For more denial or closure codes, see Denial or Closure References Links.
When the information request tenth-calendar day due date and the Timely Denial Date are the same, it is not necessary to wait until the end of the day to deny the application. When the requested information is provided, use REPT to open the program in AZTECS.