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Agency Principles - Right to File a General Complaint
(01/01/21 – 12/31/21)
Anyone has the right to file a General Complaint(g).
A general complaint is when a person expresses dissatisfaction with a situation related to the Family Assistance Administration (FAA) and requests management intervention. The Complaint Tracker is used to record General Complaints.
A General Complaint is neither a request for an Appeal nor a Discrimination Complaint.
General Complaints may be received by phone, in person, in writing, by fax, or mail.
All discussions regarding the discrimination complaint must be kept confidential. Conferences must be held in private. Do not allow any of the following:
Do not place copies of the J-020 in the case file(g).
Do not document anything about the complaint in the case file.
Do not deny services or benefits to any participant because they filed a complaint against FAA, its providers, or their employees.
When a person expresses an interest in speaking with management about a complaint, FAA must complete the following:
Explain the complaint process
Gather all information
Follow FAA office procedures to resolve the complaint
FAA office management follows up on complaints, resolves complaints, takes corrective action where warranted, and ensures the complainant is notified of the resolution.
FAA office management must record General Complaints in the Complaint Tracker by the close of business on same day the complaint is received.
For each General Complaint, the Complaint Tracker includes the following fields that must be filled-in:
Date the Complaint is received
Client name
AZTECS/HEAplus Application ID number
Program Type
Site Code
Issue Type
Referral Source
Initial Complaint
Outcome details