FAA1.H Benefit Replacement Procedures : 06 NA Replacement - Overview
06 NA Replacement - Overview
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
To issue a full or partial replacement of Nutrition Assistance (NA) benefits, the following must be completed:
Key necessary information, and press ENTER to authorize the replacement. AZTECS updates the benefit records for the case. The update reflects the fact that the original benefit is being replaced.
When it is a full or partial replacement, AZTECS changes the Document Status Code on FSIH to FR or PR respectively, and displays the Replacement Reason keyed on FSRE. AZTECS creates a benefit type that is the same as the original.
AZTECS sets the Issuance Indicator to DA so the replacement is issued at the next daily issuance run.
The delivery method is always E (Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)).