FAA1.H Benefit Replacement Procedures : 01 Replacement of Benefits – Replacement Issuance : B Replacement Issuance of Benefits - Food Destroyed by Misfortune
B Replacement Issuance of Benefits - Food Destroyed by Misfortune
Food that has been purchased with NA may be destroyed by a misfortune that is beyond the control of the budgetary unit. When this occurs, the food may be replaced up to the actual value of the loss, as stated by the participant. The replaced benefit amount must not exceed one month's NA benefit amount.
NOTE Replaced benefits for food destroyed by a misfortune may be issued in addition to restored benefits, which must be replaced up to the full value.
The participant must report the destruction of the food to the local office within ten days of the incident.
Misfortunes include, but are not limited to, the following:
Appliance failure (refrigerator, freezer, etc.)
Power outage
Request a statement from the participant regarding how the loss or spoilage of food occurred. Elevate the facts of the NA claim by sending an email to the Region Program Manager (RPM), or their designee, that oversees the local office making the request. The RPM, or their designee, sends the EBT Emergency Benefit/Cancellation of Benefits E‑Form to the EBT Emergency Benefits Unit.