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C Interviewing Renewal Applications - Overview
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
Interviews for renewal applications are completed according to the automatic renewal process.
Untimely renewal applications are completed per policy and procedures for new applications.
When a change of address is reported before an interview is completed, follow the policy and procedures outlined in Address Change - Pending Applications.
NA participants who have been sent an Notice of Expiration (NOE) notice are not required to interview before the last month of the current approval period.
Interviews may be completed before the last month of the approval period, but the budgetary unit must not be denied for failing or refusing to complete the interview.
Treat all renewal applications as a change report. Effect changes for the remaining months of the approval period. (See Effecting Changes)
Verification must be requested for any changes reported, completed and not verified during the prior approval period. Review the case file(g).
for verification of the reported change before requesting additional verification.
When the provided verification is different from the information reported, the following applies:
Refer overissuances for overpayments.
Consider supplemental benefits for the current and future months.
The NA budgetary unit is ineligible for restored benefit for past month.
Allow for Notice of Adverse Action (NOAA), when decreasing benefits for the first month possible.
When the provided verification matches the reported information no further verification is needed, document the case file(g).
A renewal might be due for one program but not due for another. For example, the NA renewal might be due 03/19 and CA, 06/19.
When this occurs, use the application as a change report for any program with a renewal due in the future. Effect any changes for the appropriate month and redetermine eligibility.
When a participant does not complete the interview process, do not close a program with a renewal due date in the future for failure to complete the interview.