FAA1.F The Interview : 01 The Interview - Overview : B Interviewing NA Expedited Applications
B Interviewing NA Expedited Applications
(01/01/18 – 12/31/18)
Effective with all applications registered on or after 07/01/2020, the requirement to complete an interview is reinstated. See Urgent Bulletin emailed 06/29/2020.
Effective 09/04/2020, see Urgent Bulletin emailed 09/03/2020 regarding FSAD being modified to give a six-month certification period at renewal to all cases that received an extension of their original certification period.
The Urgent Bulletin emailed 07/28/2020 informed staff that an extension of the waiver to allow for a verbal attestation in lieu of a signature on the application form is approved through 08/31/2020. The Urgent Bulletin emailed 08/24/2020 extended that to 9/30/2020. The Urgent Bulletin emailed 10/09/2020 extended that until further notice.
Policy and procedures regarding interviews for expedited NA applications are outlined as follows:
New applications must be reviewed for NA expedited service during the application screening. Applications screened as potentially eligible for expedited service must be interviewed within 5 days. The five days begin the day after receipt of the NA application.
When the fifth day falls on a weekend or holiday, the interview must be completed by the workday prior to the weekend or holiday.
The NA expedite applicant must have their NA benefits available no later than the seventh calendar day from the date of application.
NOTE When expedited NA benefits will not be available to the participant by the seventh calendar day, see EBT Issuance and Availability – Emergency Benefits.
Applicants requesting, but not potentially eligible for expedited service, must have the application processed according to normal new application time frames.
Applicants who apply for CA and are an NA expedite, must have a single interview. The interview must be completed within the NA expedite processing time frame.
Residents of Group Living Arrangements (GLA), rehabilitation centers, and domestic violence emergency shelters may be potentially eligible for NA expedited services.
Applicants may become eligible for NA expedited service before the interview under the normal new application time frames. (See Eligibility for Expedited Services)
When this occurs, complete the following at the interview:
Ask the PI for an explanation of the change
When the explanation is questionable, have the PI provide verification of their explanation
Postpone the verification and process the application as expedited when verification of their explanation cannot be obtained within the expedited time frame
Key Y in the EXPEDITED FS field on APMA.
NOTE When it is discovered that the applicant is eligible for expedited service after the application screening, document the change that has occurred and the date the change was discovered in the case file(g).