FAA1.D Application Requirements : 05 Authorized Representatives - Overview
05 Authorized Representatives - Overview
(10/01/13 - 12/31/13)
An authorized representative is a non-budgetary unit member chosen by the PI to assist on their behalf in the application process. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Completing an application
Completing forms (work registration, when required)
Completing the interview
Reporting changes
The PI should be encouraged to appoint an authorized representative in case of illness or other events that might limit the ability to apply for benefits. The reason an authorized representative is being requested must be documented in the case file.
For information on revoking the consent for an authorized representative, see Revoking an Authorized Representative.
The PI is legally responsible for ALL statements and information provided on the application and stated at the interview by the authorized representative.
The authorized representative must meet all of the following requirements:
Be appointed in writing by the PI.
Be an adult non-budgetary unit member.
Be fully aware of the budgetary unit’s relevant household circumstances.
An NA authorized representative cannot be any of the following:
A retailer involved in the acceptance of NA
A provider of prepared meals for the homeless, when they are representing a homeless recipient
A state agency employee involved in the issuance of NA, unless authorized in writing by the Region Program Manager (RPM)
An individual disqualified for an intentional program violation (IPV)
(See NA Disqualified Representative for specific restrictions)
An authorized representative must not be allowed information on a program they are not the authorized representative on.
The following are types of representatives:
For information regarding an EBT Alternate Card Holder, see EBT Alternate Card Holder.