FAA1.C Auto Change Tracking System (ACTS) : 02 Auto Change Tracking System - Overview
02 Auto Change Tracking System - Overview
The Auto Change Tracking System (ACTS) automatically assigns due dates based on the Alert Type Code. The due date is determined by counting calendar days(g) from the date the change is received by FAA. Day one is the day following the date the change was received by FAA. When the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, the due date is the following workday(g). (See ACTS Alert Type Codes)
Alerts, in which the code and due dates are not defined automatically by AZTECS, are free form alerts.
NOTE ACTS does not count free form alerts for the end-of-the-month summary report. (See Free Form Alerts)
Access ACTS in either of the following ways:
Key change over worker on the AZTECS LOGO screen
Select AUTO CHANGE TRACKING SYSTEM on the System Selection Menu
Policy and procedures regarding ACTS are outlined as follows: