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.01 Timely or Untimely NA Renewal Application Time Frames
(01/01/20 – 12/31/20)
NA Renewals for 03/2020, 04/2020 and 05/2020 have been extended by six months, see Urgent Bulletin emailed 03/30/2020 regarding NA Renewals and Mid Approval Contacts. The Urgent Bulletin emailed 10/30/2020 informs staff that the NA/CA renewals due 12/2020 through 05/2021 are extended six months and the Mid Approval Contact (MAC) process due 12/2020 through 06/2021 are suspended.
Effective 09/04/2020, see Urgent Bulletin emailed 09/03/2020 regarding FSAD being modified to give a six-month certification period at renewal to all cases that received an extension of their original certification period.
To be considered a timely NA renewal, an application must be turned in by the later of the following:
Within 15 days from the date an Notice of Expiration (NOE) notice is sent.
By the 15th day of the last month of the current approval period.
When both of the following occur, the NA participant has good cause for not applying for a timely renewal:
NOE was not issued during the prior approval period.
The participant or representative is reapplying for NA in the month following the month that the approval period ended.
When the delay is the fault of FAA, complete the following:
Reopen the case on the REPT screen in AZTECS.
Approve the NA from the first day of the initial month of the new NA approval period.
Complete the NA eligibility decision as soon as possible. The final deadline for approving an NA renewal application is one workday(g) before the alphabetical NA issuance date during the renewal month. The PI or representative must complete all of the following:
File a timely application by the 15th day of the last month of their current approval period.
Complete an identifiable application.
Complete an interview.
Provide the required verification.
When the interview is completed or the verification is provided in the month after the NA approval period ends, see Month After the NA Approval Period Ends.
Participants who timely reapply and are determined eligible, must be provided NA no later than 30 calendar days after they last received their NA benefits.
A timely filed NA renewal application becomes an untimely NA renewal application when one of the following occur:
The participant or representative fails to complete an interview.
The interview is completed and the information due date extends beyond the last timely NA renewal approval or denial date.
The final date for denying an NA timely renewal application is the close of business on the workday before the last workday of the current approval period. (For the timely renewal denial date, see AZTECS Monthly Production Schedule (AMPS))
NOTE When the information due date and the timely denial date are the same, it is not necessary to wait until the end of the day or the following workday to deny the application. The case must be reopened when the requested verification is provided before close of business on the due date.
Complete the NA untimely renewal application determination following the procedures outlined in NA New Application Time Frame when both of the following apply:
The participant does not apply timely
The participant does not have good cause
See NA Proration to determine whether benefits should be prorated on an untimely NA renewal application received in the month following the month the approval period ends.
Renewal applications must be screened for potential changes. The screening process and any changes must be addressed no later than the close of business the following workday.
Applications received more than 60 days before the end of the current approval period must be treated as a reported change. (See Changes)