FAA1.B Time Frames : 04 Time Frames for New Applications - Overview : D NA Expedite Applications With Postponed Verification
D NA Expedite Applications With Postponed Verification
(01/01/20 – 12/31/20)
When a budgetary unit is eligible for expedite, any required verification except the identity of the PI may be postponed. (See NA expedite time frames and Verification of Identity.)
NOTE When all required verification is provided during the interview and the NA expedite is approved, it is not necessary to postpone verification. Send the NA Approval (F100) notice.
When identity is not verified, process the NA application using NA new application time frames. Remove the Y in the EXPEDITED FS field on the APMA screen in AZTECS.
NOTE When documents for identity verification are not available, use collateral contact when possible.
In order to comply with NA Expedite time frames, send the Expedited NA – Postponed Verification (F121) notice when authorizing expedited benefits. The F121 must list all postponed verification. The verification must be provided within 30 calendar days of the date of application. The following applies to postponed verification:
When an expense cannot be verified, remove the unverified expense from the EXNS screen in AZTECS for the first month possible.
Do not authorize ongoing benefits before the PI provides or applies for a Social Security Number (SSN) for each participant in the case.
Stop NA benefits when the participant fails to provide required, postponed verification. There is no requirement to allow for Notice of Adverse Action (NOAA).
NOTE Do not send an NA closure notice. The F121 notice states benefits are stopped when required postponed verification is not provided.
When the participant applies after the 15th day of the month, complete the following:
Issue NA benefits for the second month as an aggregate allotment.
NOTE Issue the aggregate allotment even when verification, including Social Security Enumeration, is postponed.
Copy details into the third month.
Do not authorize benefits for the third month until the requested verification is provided.
When the F121 notice is mailed, do not send an additional notice when any of the following occur:
The 30-day deadline is expired and required verification is not provided
No closure notice is required (See No Notice)
The verification is returned, and the NA benefit amount must be changed as a result of the verification received
When the verification is returned, and causes ineligibility for ongoing benefits
When the NA benefits are reduced due to the approval of CA benefits
When CA eligibility is determined using the same application, a CA determination notice must be sent to the applicant.