C NA Expedite Applications
Complete the NA expedite eligibility determination as soon as possible. The application must have a determination made in order for the PI, when eligible, to receive NA by the seventh calendar day from the date of the application.
Expedited NA approved on the seventh calendar day are not available until the following day. When expedited NA benefits are approved on the seventh calendar, complete the procedures outlined in Same Day Availability.
NOTE All reasonable efforts must be made to obtain verification through collateral contacts or readily available written statements. Attempt to obtain the information within expedited time frames.
Send the Expedited NA – Postponed Verification (F121) notice when authorizing expedited benefits. When necessary, postpone any required verification except the identity of the participant. (See Postponed Verification for NA Expedite Applications for procedures)
Use the AZTECS Monthly Production Schedule (AMPS) to determine the keying deadline.