(08/01/15 –09/30/15)
AZSNAP provides Nutrition Assistance (NA) to participants who meet all of the following:
65 years old or older
Arizona resident
Not institutionalized
Receives the maximum Supplemental Security Income (SSI) amount
Does not receive NA
Lives alone or purchases and prepares food separately from others
NOTE A spouse is a mandatory participant. When the customer lives with their spouse(g) they are not eligible for the AZSNAP benefits.
A monthly interface between FAA and the Social Security Administration (SSA) identifies all who meet the above criteria and who are not currently receiving any type of NA. An AZSNAP Application for NA (X001) notice automatically mails and is registered in AZTECS. Instructions in the notice tell the customer to return the completed AZSNAP application to the AZSNAP unit.
When no response to the X001 is received, the application is denied on the 30th day and the Second AZSNAP Application for NA (X002) notice is sent to the customer allowing an additional 30 days to respond. The application remains in denied status unless the customer responds to the X001 or X002. When the customer responds to the X001 or X002 after the first 30 days the AZSNAP worker reverts the case to open and prorates the benefits to the first day of the following month.
When the customer returns either the X001 or X002 after the 60th day, treat the application as a new AZSNAP application. Day one of the 60 day period is the issue date of the X001 notice. The date the customer returns the X001 or X002 after the 60th day is the new application date.
Customers are not eligible for AZSNAP benefits when they are disqualified for, but not limited to, any of the following reasons:
They are a fleeing felon
They have a disqualifying drug conviction
They have an intentional program violation
For a full list of disqualifications reasons see NA Participants Keyed as DF.
When the customer is applying for NA benefits and the case shows pending at site code 845C, complete the following:
Clarify with the participant whether they are applying for AZSNAP or regular Nutrition Assistance. Document the customer’s intent.
Print the X001 or X002 that was mailed to them and have the customer answer all of the questions.
Upload(g) the completed AZSNAP application into OnBase.
Fax the AZSNAP application to the AZSNAP unit at (602) 257‑7035.
Forward the AZSNAP application to the AZSNAP unit at site code 845C.
NOTE When the participant is applying for regular Nutrition Assistance (NA), the AZSNAP unit denies the AZSNAP application. The AZSNAP application is used to register the regular NA application.
The AZSNAP unit must be notified to deny the AZSNAP application prior to registering it as a regular NA application.
When a customer prefers to mail the AZSNAP application, provide them with the following address:
PO Box 19009
Phoenix, AZ 85005-9009
Eligibility and benefit amount for AZSNAP customers are determined ONLY by the AZSNAP unit. The AZSNAP application process requires the applicant to confirm the AZSNAP criteria by responding to the X001, X002 or the AZSNAP Renewal Application-NA (X004) notice.
For initial approval the application date is the mail date of the X001 sent to the SSI recipient. When the customer fails to respond, the application date is the first day of the month the X002 is mailed. The X002 is sent to the customer allowing an additional 30 days to respond. When approved, the customer is eligible for 36 months.
AZSNAP customers do not qualify for expedited benefits.
Customers that are receiving Tribal Food Distribution are not eligible to receive AZSNAP benefits at the same time. (See Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR) for additional information)
AZSNAP customers are NOT required to complete the following:
An Interview
Income verification
Expense verification
Report changes
AZSNAP customers can verbally designate an authorized representative for their case.
An electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card is mailed to the customer.
When eligible, AZSNAP participants will receive benefits for a 36 month approval period. Based on the total combined utility allowance and housing cost there are specific allotment amounts for which the customer may be eligible. (See AZSNAP Allotment Amounts)
Medical expenses are NOT an allowable expense for AZSNAP. When the customer has excessive medical expenses, they may be eligible for more benefits under the regular SNAP program.
Two months prior to the end of the approval period the X004 is sent to allow them to apply for a re-certification of benefits. The recertification application is not automatically registered. The AZSNAP unit will register the recertification application when the X004 is received.
When the SDX match shows that the customer is no longer receiving the full amount of SSI the AZSNAP unit will terminate the benefits. The customer may re-apply for regular NA benefits.