.01 Programs Administered by FAA - NA - Allowable Purchases
Nutrition Assistance (NA) benefits may be used to buy the following:
Food products for human consumption
Vegetable seeds, food-producing plants, roots, trees
Items considered health foods such as wheat germ, brewer’s yeast, sunflower seeds packaged for human consumption, rose hips powder, and enriched or fortified foods
Baby formula
Diabetic or dietetic foods
Deposits on returnable bottles or containers
Distilled water or ice labeled for human consumption
Items used in the preparation or preservation of food such as spices and herbs, pectin, lard, or shortening
Meals prepared for and delivered or served to elderly or handicapped NA participants, when the organization is authorized to accept NA
Snack food such as candy, potato or tortilla chips, chewing gum and soft drinks
Participants can buy meals with NA benefits from community dining places and restaurants that have been approved by FNS Restaurant Meals Program. The participant must meet one of the following:
The Farmers' Market Project allows NA participants to purchase food items at certain farmer's markets.