.02 Translation Services When Sending Notices
(08/01/16 - 09/30/16)
When sending a notice, AZTECS displays the notice in Spanish when the LIST LANGUAGE THAT PI READS field on INDA indicates SPAN. AZTECS displays the notice in English when any other Language Code is keyed.
When a Spanish notice is displayed, all information must be keyed in Spanish.
NOTE When information is keyed in English, AZTECS cannot translate that information into another language.
When a notice must be sent by a requestor who does not write in Spanish, another staff member must be located to key the notice in Spanish.
When a staff member who writes in Spanish cannot be located, send an email to the Policy Support Team (PST) at [email protected]. The email must include all of the following information:
Case name
Case number
The information being requested
The program for which the information is being requested
The participant for whom the information is being requested
The address to where the information must be returned
The PST makes all attempts to issue the notice by the end of the next workday(g) following the receipt of the email.
It is the responsibility of the requestor to review NOHS to keep track of the due date printed on the A011 or F011 notice to ensure information is returned timely.
A copy of the email sent to the PST must be placed in the case file(g). This allows non-Spanish reading staff to know what was requested.