A Handling Special Cases – Employees
(01/01/18 - 01/31/18)
The cases of current FAA employees are maintained by the FAA Employee Benefit Unit. Active and past cases of current FAA employees can only be accessed by one of the following:
Staff designated by Internal Affairs, DBME HR Operations, Central Office, Systems and Assistant Director (or designee)
The FAA Employee Benefit Unit completes all actions on these cases for employees. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Completing the application process (new and renewal)
Completing all change actions
Answering questions from current employees
Reporting potential overpayments
Attending hearings for employees who request an appeal
When a current employee is an active or past participant or a self-declared representative of a case in an FAA or an AHCCCS program for which FAA determines eligibility, the employee must report this to their Supervisor as a conflict of interest.
Employees must complete the application process for their own case and cases in which they are a representative during non-work time. The following non-work time may be used:
Before or after scheduled work hours
During lunch hour
Time pre-approved by a Supervisor or Manager which includes the following:
Annual leave
Leave without pay
Flex time
Sick time when hospitalized
Designated break time is considered State work time. Only the following activities are allowed during a designated break time:
Taking documents to the FAA office manager (LOM) or direct Supervisor to be uploaded.
NOTE This is not a conflict of interest for the LOM or direct Supervisor.
Contacting the FAA Employee Benefit Unit using State owned equipment such as emailing, telephone or faxing for any reason other than to complete the eligibility interview.
NOTE When using state owned equipment, professionalism is a requirement.
Employees must not have any case involvement(g) with their own case or any cases that may result in a conflict of interest. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Accessing, viewing, or making changes to the case file(g)
Determining eligibility of benefits
Registering applications
Case specific discussion with another FAA employee about the employee’s case
Issuing EBT cards on these cases
All AZTECS, HEAplus, and OnBase(g) inquiries are recorded and monitored. Actions that display on a case for which there may be a conflict of interest could be considered suspicious or potentially fraudulent activity.
Employees may contact the FAA Employee Benefit Unit (EBU) for information on their own case or cases in which they are a representative.
Additional policy and procedures regarding employee case handling are outlined as follows: