FAA1.A Background and Introduction : 03 Agency Principles - Overview : E Agency Principles - Right to File a Discrimination Complaint
E Agency Principles - Right to File a Discrimination Complaint
(07/01/09 – 09/30/09)
Anyone who feels they have been discriminated against has the right to file a complaint.
A complaint may be requested in writing or verbally. (See Verbal Complaints)
The complaint must be filed within 180 calendar days of the alleged act at any of the locations listed in addresses of Discrimination Complaint Offices.
Each FAA office must appoint a staff member to act as a specialist for the DES Director's Office of Equal Opportunity (DOEO).
When any person expresses an interest in filing a written discrimination complaint, the DOEO specialist or designated staff must complete the following:
Explain the discrimination complaint process using the Discrimination Complaint Process (J‑098) form as necessary.
Complete the Discrimination Complaint (J‑020) form.
Document the discrimination complaint on the Complaint Log (FAA‑1280A). FAA office management maintains the FAA‑1280A.
FAX or Interoffice Mail the J‑020 to the Administrative Director of DES.
The J‑098, J‑020, and FAA‑1280A forms are available in the Digital Library.
Keep all discussions regarding the discrimination complaint confidential. Conferences must be held in private. DO NOT place copies of the J‑020 or J‑098 in the case file(g). Do NOT document anything about the complaint on CADO or the CADO Extension Form (CEF).
DO NOT deny services or benefits to any participant because they filed a complaint against FAA, its providers, or their employees.
When complaints are filed through DES, DOEO completes the following:
Notifies in writing the person or participant filing the complaint that a written response is sent upon completion of the investigation.
Notifies in writing the person or participant filing the complaint of the right to file directly with the correct federal office when a resolution is not effected through the DOEO procedure.
Provides a copy of the complaint charges to the Assistant Director of the appropriate division.
Conducts an investigation.
When complaints are filed through Food and Nutrition Service (FNS), the Secretary of USDA may extend the 180-day filing period. All complaints sent to FNS must contain the following:
The name, address, and telephone number (when known) of the person or participant filing the complaint
The name and location of the staff or office accused of the claimed discrimination
A statement describing what happened to lead up to the claim of discrimination
A statement describing the type of discrimination being claimed (age, sex, color, etc.)
Names and addresses of anyone who has knowledge of the claimed discrimination
The date of the claimed discrimination