FAA1.A Background and Introduction : 02 Cash and Nutrition Assistance Policy (CNAP) Manual - Overview : C CNAP Manual - Request for Policy Clarification or Field Inquiry
C CNAP Manual - Request for Policy Clarification or Field Inquiry
(01/01/20 –12/31/20)
Policy Clarification (PC) requests are case specific policy questions on cases that are pending a benefit determination.
Field Inquiries (FI) are general questions about policy and procedures, non-case specific, and not pending a benefit determination.
The PC or FI request must be elevated to the Policy Support Team (PST) by staff authorized to elevate a PC request.
Prior to contacting the PST for a PC or FI request, the case and policy in question must be reviewed by the FAA Office Management and designated Region Office Management.
When the question cannot be resolved at any of these levels, designated staff are authorized to elevate the question to the PST. Use the Request for Policy Clarification/Field Inquiry (FAA-1512A) form found in the DES Document Center and send the request as an attachment via email to [email protected].
When a case read is protested, PST only clarifies the policy reference that was elevated and does not resolve disputes between worker, case readers and management. All steps in the Case Read Protest Process must be completed prior to elevating a PC request. The protest process is located within CATS in the Case Read Process Handbook.
Only the following staff are authorized to elevate PC and FI requests to the PST:
Executive Leadership
Region Program Manager
Management Analyst
Benefit Support Supervisors and Managers
FAA Systems Helpdesk Analyst
Quality Support Team (QST) Management
Office of Program Evaluation (OPE) Quality Specialist and Management
Conduent Training Staff and Management
The following sections of the FAA-1512A must be completed by the requestor:
Select Policy Clarification or Field Inquiry
Requestor’s Information
Case Information (only needed for PCs)
Policy References Researched
Who did you discuss the case scenario and policy with and what was the result of that discussion
Requestor’s Proposed Answer
Case Scenario
Requestor’s Question
Upon receipt of the FAA-1512A, the PST sends an email to the requestor acknowledging receipt of the form. The email contains the assignment number and the name of the assigned PST Specialist.
The PST specialist may contact the requestor when more information is needed to complete the response.
The PST specialist provides the requestor one of the following:
A PC response within ten workdays from the date the requestor received an acknowledgement email from the PST.
An email notifying the requestor that additional clarification has been requested from one or more of the following:
The Food and Nutrition Service
The Office of the Attorney General
The PST response to the PC or FI is returned to the requestor and any additional designated staff.
Elevate questions regarding system performance first to the FAA Office Management. When the issue cannot be resolved at the FAA office level, contact one of the following:
FAA Systems Help Desk when the issue is with an AZTECS function.
FAA Policy Support Navigational Help Desk when the issue is navigating or locating policy in the CNAP Manual.