07 Benefit Payment History
(07/01/08 – 09/30/08)
The 07 BENEFIT PAYMENT HISTORY screen displays information about each payment that has been issued.
The status of the Unemployment Insurance (UI) payment is indicated by the code in the PAY TYPE field. Situations affecting the claimant's eligibility must be resolved with UI before a payment can be issued. When an adjustment or determination changes the status of the pay type for the week, the code is updated. This can cause pay types to vary during the week.
This screen also displays the date the payment is issued. The UI payment is available two workdays(g) following the date the payment is issued. Benefits are considered to be received by a participant on the second workday following the date benefits are issued.
Press the F2 key to view more 07 BENEFIT PAYMENT HISTORY screens when there are more than 12 payments.
Key X next to the benefit week end date in the BWE field and press F6 to display the 13 BENEFIT PAYMENT INFORMATION screen for the BWE selected.