Revision 08 (04-01-09 through 06-30-09) : FAA1 System Information and Application Screening
FAA1 System Information and Application Screening
FAA1.A06F.01 – Confidentiality - Handling Special Cases - Employees
Moved case file locking instructions to procedures in SOP.
FAA1.A09A – Outside Agencies - Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS)
Added that AHCCCS determines eligibility for Title XIX when AHCCCS completes the eligibility process for a KidsCare case with Title XIX eligible participants. (Policy Broadcast 09-05, effective 02/10/09)
FAA1.K02D – Official Applications - Identifiable Applications
Revised what is considered an identifiable application. (Policy Broadcast 09-08, effective 02/26/09)
FAA1.N07 – Client Inquiry PMMIS (CLIP) – Overview
Removed that AZTECS interfaces with PMMIS for applicants that have been inactive or never active for MA. Added that AZTECS interfaces with PMMIS when the PSE enters MADA to authorize MA. Added a NOTE explaining when eligibility exists with AHCCCS the Other Eligibility (OE) code displays on MADA. Removed that an interview does not need to take place from the bulleted list. (Policy Broadcast 09-05, effective 02/10/09)
FAA1.N07C.01 – Client Inquiry PMMIS (CLIP) - Inquiry Results - AZTECS Auto Denial
Added a NOTE explaining the AHCCCS Terminated (AT) code on CAP2. Changed schedule an interview to assign to an EI and when to explain to the participant a determination is not needed. (Policy Broadcast 09‑05, effective 02/10/09)