Revision 37 (08-01-15 through 09-30-15) : FAA1 System Information and Application Screening
FAA1 System Information and Application Screening
FAA1.A06C.04 – Confidentiality - Participant Review of Case Information
Removed requirement of Report of Investigation form to be received through Public Records Request. (Policy Change Alert 15‑009F, effective 03/27/15)
Added policy on Tribal Food Distribution Program and that disqualified participants are not eligible for AZSNAP. Clarified how the application process works. (Policy Change Alert 15‑015F, effective 05/21/15)
Removed the requirement to use the Untimely Reason Code Authorization (FAA‑1247A) form. Supervisor approval is no longer needed before keying an Untimely Reason Code. (Reference changed from FAA1.O09) (Policy Change Alert 15‑018F, effective 06/05/15)