Revision 47 (01-01-19 through 12-31-19) : FAA5 Work Registration and Program Determinations
FAA5 Work Registration and Program Determinations
Reformatted for clarity. Removed NOTE on the type of reporting requirement assignment for budgetary unit who is assigned with three, four, or five months approval period. (Policy Change Alert 19‑001F, effective 2/18/2019) Added clarification for when the approval assigned by AZTECS does not match the budgetary unit’s circumstance. (Effective 4/8/19)
Added information concerning accommodations for visual impairments. (Policy Change Alert 19‑003F, effective 2/22/2019)
Updated policy to reflect that verification documents must be uploaded to OnBase or HEAplus immediately when received during the interview. Added a new bullet with information regarding telephone interviews. (News Flash 19‑008F, effective 1/28/2019)
Added clarifying directions on assisting participants with obtaining missing information. (News Flash 19‑008F, effective 1/28/2019)