Revision 02 (10-01-07 through 12-31-07) : FAA2 Non-Financial Eligibility Factors
FAA2 Non-Financial Eligibility Factors
FAA2.A01 – Verification and Cooperation - Overview
Added a list for verification uses and types of verification. Removed link to "Three Step Verification process." (Policy Broadcast 07-21, effective 07/01/07)
FAA2.A01B – Collateral Contact Verification
Reformatted policy for consistency. (Reference changed from FAA2.A02B) (Policy Broadcast 07-21, effective 07/01/07)
FAA2.A01C – Participant Statement
Removed information regarding the need to obtain a participant statement at interview and completion of the FAA-1111A. (Reference changed from FAA2.A02C) (Policy Broadcast 07-21, effective 07/01/07)
FAA2.A02 – Three Step Verification Process
Removed subject for Three Step Verification Process policy as it no longer applies. (Policy Broadcast 07-21, effective 07/01/07)
FAA2.G05B.01 – Mandatory FS Participants
Added children in boarding school to Mandatory FS participants. (Policy Broadcast 07-24, effective 08/01/07)
FAA2.L13A.02 – One-e-App User Account Authorization
Added to contact the FAA Information Technology (IT) Unit when electronic signatures do not display, and added a link to the FAA IT Unit contact information. Added that staff must agree to the click agreements when logging in to One-e-App for the first time. (Policy Broadcast 07-27, effective 09/07/07)
FAA2.L13A.03 – One-e-App User Log In
Added procedures for Click Agreements, and for using the secret question to log in. (Policy Broadcast 07-27, effective 09/07/07)
FAA2.L13G.02 – One-e-App Main MENU Screen
Revised for clarity. Added new MENU screen options, and their descriptions. Added links to the TICKLERS screen and the procedures for adding reminders. (Policy Broadcast 07-27, effective 09/07/07)
Added procedures regarding adding, reviewing, and removing application reminders. (Policy Broadcast 07-27, effective 09/07/07)
Added procedures for removing duplicate applications and applications submitted in error from One‑e‑App.
FAA2.L13G.13 – One-e-App TICKLERS Screen
Added policy and procedures regarding the One e App TICKLERS screen.. (Policy Broadcast 07-27, effective 09/07/07)
FAA2.N09C – Federal Emergency Service (FES) Referrals
Added "Receiving Dialysis” to the list of criteria for when a referral is needed. Reformatted for clarity. (Policy Broadcast 07-07, effective 03/01/07)
FAA2.N09C.02 – FES Referrals – Blind or Disabled
Added applicants that are receiving dialysis. (Policy Broadcast 07-07, effective 03/01/07)