Revision 08 (04-01-09 through 06-30-09) : FAA2 Non-Financial Eligibility Factors
FAA2 Non-Financial Eligibility Factors
Removed reference to PASS. Added Screening Summary and Application Screening Record (FA‑006) to list.
Removed to contact the participant by e-mail.
Removed reference to PASS. Added to use the Application Screening Record (FA‑006) when AutoCAR is not available. Policy revised for clarity.
FAA2.G05B.06 – NA Participants Keyed as DI
Added a bullet for disqualification from NA if disqualified from FDPIR.
FAA2.L13A.02 – One-e-App User Account Authorization
Revised procedures for requesting and authorizing One-e-App user accounts. Removed process in which staff initiated account requests in One-e-App by keying the USER PROFILE screen; the functionality has been removed.
FAA2.N06B – Verification Documents for MA Citizenship
Removed material from second EXCEPTION box to policy text. Added Hospitals that are subscribers to HEA to the list of agencies authorized to view, copy and annotate citizenship documents.