Revision 20 (04-01-12 through 06-30-12) : FAA2 Non-Financial Eligibility Factors
FAA2 Non-Financial Eligibility Factors
Revised WARNING to include the word sell to attempted and solicitation charges. Added NOTE that when a disqualifying drug conviction is set aside by the Court the conviction must still be elevated to the Policy Support Team. (Policy Broadcast 12‑05, effective 02/14/12)
FAA2.H03 – Disqualifications and Sanctions – Overview
Added MA Disqualification History to first bulleted listing and removed sentence under the first set of bullets regarding keying MA disqualifications. Added information regarding MA disqualification history to third bulleted listing.
FAA2.H04B – Disqualifications Keyed on DISA
Removed the first bullet regarding failure to comply with CA program requirements, policy doesn’t apply to NA. Added paragraph regarding disqualified CA participants. Add link to CA Sanctions policy. Corrected the form number for the Personal Responsibility Agreement form.