Revision 04 (04-01-08 through 06-30-08) : FAA4 Financial Eligibility Factors
FAA4 Financial Eligibility Factors
FAA4.H04Z – Foster Grandparent Program Stipend
Added subject regarding the Foster Grandparent Program Stipend.
FAA4.H04DD.01 - Individual Development Account (IDA) - Deposits
Corrected the income type code. (Reference changed from FAA4.H04CC.01)
FAA4.H04UU - Reimbursements
Added a bullet regarding the Foster Grandparent Program Stipend. (Reference changed from FAA4.H04TT)
FAA4.H04WW – Shelter Cost Sharing
Added an example to the EXCEPTION box. (Reference changed from FAA4.H04VV)
FAA4.H04BBB - Social Security Administration (SSA) Benefits
Added a NOTE to clarify countable SSA income. (Reference changed from FAA4.H04AAA)
FAA4.L11A.01 – Child Support Expense Verification
Added DCSE documents showing the amount of support required to be paid to the list of documents that verify legal obligation to pay support. Clarified that a DCSE document showing the current amount paid, verifies the support payment. Reformatted for clarity.