Revision 11 (01-01-10 through 03-31-10) : FAA4 Financial Eligibility Factors
FAA4 Financial Eligibility Factors
Removed Phen Fen Link, all ongoing payments are countable for MA and CA not countable for NA.
FAA4.G04E.04 – NA Student Eligibility-Exemptions
Added verbiage for clarity.
FAA4.H04J – Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation Fund
Added subject regarding the Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation Fund. (Policy Broadcast 09-35, effective 11/03/09)
FAA4.H04KK.04 – Phen-Fen Payments
Changed wording to state ongoing payments as Phen Fen payment made to participants are ongoing payments. Removed Phen-Fen link to LIAS. Revised unearned income code to key from LS to PF.
FAA4.H04III – Unemployment Insurance (UI)
Added that the Federal Additional Compensation (FAC) payments are NOT Countable for NA. (Reference changed from FAA4.H04HHH) (Policy Broadcast 09‑38, effective 11/23/09)
FAA4.I03A – Census Income
Removed NA EXCEPTION, U.S. Census income is NOT COUNTABLE when determining Nutrition Assistance (NA) eligibility. (Policy Broadcast 09-36, effective 01/01/10)
FAA4.I03P – Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Income
Removed the term parental control from NA Exception box.