Revision 16 (04-01-11 through 06-30-11) : FAA4 Financial Eligibility Factors
FAA4 Financial Eligibility Factors
Added a link for Indian gaming disbursements.
Added a NOTE to the MA EXCEPTION about a disclaimer.
Added Note regarding NA in-kind income is not considered when determining student eligibility.
Added an EXCEPTION that Indian Gaming Industry per capita disbursement payments are countable.
Added a NOTE to the MA EXCEPTION about a disclaimer.
The Federal Additional Compensation (FAC) income policy is removed. FAC payments are no longer issued. (Policy Broadcast 11‑03, effective 01/12/11)
Revised that child support payments issued through DCSE counts for CA when determining eligibility for GD and move MA exception up one bullet. (Policy Broadcast 10-26, effective 12/01/10)
Deleted CA exception and revised that child support does not counts for eligible Grant Diversion participants. (Policy Broadcast 10-26, effective 12/01/10)
Removed policy regarding the need to review an additional three months of support arrearages when arrearages show on CHSP. Added a link to Lump Sum
FAA4.I03A - Census Income
Removed entire subject because all Census Bureau income is now COUNTABLE as earned income called wages. (Policy Broadcast 11‑05, effective 01/01/11)
Added registration fees as an NA dependent care allowable expense. (Policy Broadcast 10‑27, effective 01/01/11)
Revised policy, AZTECS calculates the amount of the NA Dependent Care Transportation Standard when the participant incurs a transportation expense. (Policy Broadcast 10‑27, effective 01/01/11)
Revised Instructions for keying dependent care expenses. (Policy Broadcast 10‑27, effective 01/01/11)