Revision 19 (01-01-12 through 03-31-12) : FAA4 Financial Eligibility Factors
FAA4 Financial Eligibility Factors
FAA4.G04A – NA Student Definition
Replaced UNIE with SSDO. Student status is now keyed on SSDO. (Policy Broadcast 11‑36, effective 10/03/11)
FAA4.H04B – Alimony or Spousal Maintenance Payments
Reference to the obsolete AL code is removed from policy. (Policy Broadcast 11‑44, effective 10/14/11)
FAA4.I03P.03 – Bonuses and Incentives
Policy is clarified to indicate that non cash bonuses or incentives are NOT COUNTABLE. (Policy Broadcast 11‑42, effective 10/05/11)
FAA4.L04B.01 – CA Dependent Care
Clarified the requirements for dependent care expenses to be allowable as deductions for the CA program.