Revision 24 (04-01-13 through 06-30-13) : FAA4 Financial Eligibility Factors
FAA4 Financial Eligibility Factors
FAA4.I03M– Volunteer Income
Changed Titles on links.
FAA4.I03M.01– Volunteer Income – Title I Earnings
Changed referenced earnings from VISTA to Title I. (Reference changed from FAA4.I03M.02)
FAA4.I03M.02– Volunteer Income - Title II Earning
Removed references to Title I Earnings. (Reference changed from FAA4.I03M.01)
FAA4.I05A – Sources of Earned Income Verification
Removed TALX The Work Number and added Equifax to replace it.
FAA4.L07J – Medication and Prescriptions
Added medicinal marijuana as an exception for allowable medication and prescriptions. (Policy Broadcast 13‑05, effective 01/14/13)
FAA4.L08E – Mortgage
Added an exception box for reverse mortgage as it is not an allowable mortgage expense. (Policy Broadcast 13‑02, effective 01/09/13)
FAA4.L10B – Expenses Exceed Income (EEI) – During the Approval Period
Revised the notice procedures when the participant’s Expenses Exceed Income (EEI) during the approval period. (Policy Broadcast 13‑07, effective 01/25/13)