Revision 27 (12-01-13 through 01-31-14) : FAA4 Financial Eligibility Factors
FAA4 Financial Eligibility Factors
FAA4.G08B - Prorating Educational Income and Expenses
Removed the NOTE due to procedure that involves EWAL alert is obsolete.
FAA4.J05G - Farming
Removed the reference to EWAL alert in the first paragraph below the WARNING box due to this procedure is obsolete.
FAA4.L04E.03 – Standard Utility Allowance
Changed utility expense obligation. (Policy Broadcast 13‑31A, effective 10/01/13)
FAA4.L07E - Medical Insurance Premiums
Clarified types of health insurance countable and not countable. (Policy Broadcast 13‑35, effective 10/11/13)
FAA4.L10A - Expenses Exceed Income (EEI) – At Interview
Replaced the requirement for setting up the EWAL alert for the first day of the third month of approval to review the EEI situation with ACTS alert. The existing policy was reformatted for clarity.
FAA4.L10B - Expenses Exceed Income (EEI) – During the Approval Period
Replaced the EWAL alert reference with ACTS alert due to procedure that involves setting up EWAL alerts is obsolete. Removed the procedure related to reviewing the returned C003 notice for potential changes.