Revision 37 (08-01-15 through 09-30-15) : FAA4 Financial Eligibility Factors
FAA4 Financial Eligibility Factors
FAA4.H04MM - Legal Settlements
Updated policy to show when legal settlements are to count as a resource. (Policy Change Alert 15‑019F, effective 06/08/15)
FAA4.I03L - Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Income
Removed CA exception. Clarified policy that all vocational rehab income is countable unless it is a reimbursement for training related expenses. (Policy Change Alert 15‑014F, effective 05/08/15)
FAA4.I06 - Budgeting Income – Overview
Matching employer stock purchases are not countable as income. Budget the net income less the employers matching amount. (Policy Change Alert 15‑012F, effective 04/17/15)
FAA4.L04D.01 – Shelter and Utility Allowance
Updated the policy to reflect that disqualified participants are not eligible for special considerations. (Policy Change Alert 15‑005F, effective 03/09/15)